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Nikki Lewis Web Design


Launching a new business and need to set up a website? Perhaps you're thinking of taking your business online?

Whether you're new to on-line technology or very well versed in it, setting up a site can take time - time you may not have.

Why not get in touch - that's where I can help. 

I can set up a working one-page landing site in a short space of time - to multiple pages given longer.

No website is the same and why would they be? It's your business and you want to show it off in your own unique way and style. There is no wrong or right way.

How much will it cost to build my website?

There are many elements which will contribute to the length of time I'll be required to spend setting up a site. I work individually with clients to plan time and cost prior to starting any work. I work out costs at per hour rate.

What features will you need?

You'll need a domain name (website addresses) if you don't already own one. The cost of a new domain is generally around £15-20 per year. Secondly you'll need a web host for your site. This is requirement -  it is somewhere to store the different computer files in order to run your site. Web hosting can vary in cost depending on your needs. Mostly this cost will be less than £100 per year, but the package of web hosting you need will depend on your business needs - for example adding a commerce/shop to your page will be a greater cost per year. I am more than able to help you set these up. If it's all gibberish to you - leave it to me to guide you through what you need.


Leave the design process to me, with your ideas and content, I can make easy work of it. 

Per hour cost:


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