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I love photography and have done so since having my first camera around the age of 6. I photograph a multitude of subjects. Being involved in a couples wedding has to be the ultimate, being able to capture the love of their day through themselves, their actions and their guests. I'm the ultimate 'gooseberry' for the day!

My wedding photography is modern and reportage style - the story of your day. From top to toe and early til late, your memories will be recorded with loving moments during the day - the wondering bridesmaid - the hilarious moments - the kisses and hugs - the tears and the joy.

Family photography shoots are fun times, where everyone can relax and let their hair down, or spend a little more time getting their hair just right! There are many ways and places to have fun whilst gathering your family photo memories.

Events I photograph can be from music gigs to conferences and proms to extensions of family photography of parties and more formal do's.

I love to combine my love of photography and travel. I have travelled with groups as their official photographer and would love to do more in this area if the opportunity arose.


 I have worked with press agencies where my photos have been used in publishing and magazines, and my photos continue to be used by celebrities, non-profit organisations and local publications.

In my spare time I love to photograph flowers/gardens. The results of which you'll find mostly on my social media, together with the odd obligatory food photo we all love to share!


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